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Fri April 20th 2018
Tuesday November 6th 2018

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide as much support to Democratic candidates as possible, a monthly pledge fund has been set up.  Supporters who may want to spread a yearly pledge over the entire year can make a monthly pledge and can have an automatic deduction made from their checking account. The instructions are below and form are available by selecting this link:
This form may be duplicated. It is to be given to those donors who wish to participate in the Organization’s direct payment program. Please retain all copies for your records.
Please instruct donors to fill out the form in the following manner:

Name of Financial Institution - The Name of the donor’s bank, credit union or other financial institution.

Checking or Savings - Please indicate whether the account is a checking account or a savings account.

Bank Routing Number - Also known as the Bank ABA number. This number is found at the very bottom of the donor’s check or deposit slip. Each financial institution has its own unique Routing Number.

Bank Account Number - This number is also found at the very bottom of the donor’s check or deposit slip.

Authorized Account Holder Signature - Required

Joint Account Holder Signature - Required only if the account requires two signatures on checks or for withdrawals.

Voided Check or Deposit Slip - Not required by Sterling. However, if not received, we cannot double check Routing and Account Numbers and the likelihood for errors may increase.
Paid for by the Nez Perce County Democratic Party - Pete Gertonson, Chair - Nathan Weeks, Treasurer